Mechanical Behavior of Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wire

When the Enameled Copper Wire is wound on the coil, mechanical force acts on the enameled copper wire during the process of embedding the motor coil and during the operation of the electric product, for example, the tensile force, the friction force and the bending moment are formed during the winding; There is friction in the process; during operation there is inter-turn friction due to vibration.When the paint is baked too old, the elasticity of the enamelled paint film decreases. Under the action of the bending moment during winding, the paint film is cracked and the insulation performance is lost. If baking is not enough, the paint film is easily scratched during embedding, causing the motor windings to short-circuit.

Elongation test Elongation is the simulation of the enameled aluminum wire winding process and the establishment of the purpose is to control the flexibility of the wire winding coil to ensure the smooth operation.

Enameled aluminum wire after stretching, its adhesion, scratch resistance, elasticity, thermal shock, solvent resistance will decline. Factors that affect the elongation of the enamelled wire: The involvement of elements such as bismuth, sulfur, iron, aluminum, antimony and oxygen will result in the embrittlement of copper. These impurity elements are distributed on the interface between the grains, hindering the sliding tendency of the internal lattice during the elongation of the enameled aluminum wire, so that the lattice is not easily deformed and damaged, resulting in the wire being pulled off under the condition of small elongation. In addition, the rolling process, the copper rod sometimes into inclusions, curling, scratches, cracks and other defects, but also contributed to the elongation factor is not high.

In the process of enamelling, if the number of lacquer times and the number of loops is too large, the diameter of the guide wheel is not big enough, both sides of the wire will be subjected to the tensile deformation and the compressive transfer deformation, resulting in distortion of the lattice, Long time, easy to pull off. When the enamelling machine is running, the excessive tensile force on the enamelled wire: will make the wire thinner.

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